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$30    Breslin: My New Year’s Resolutions for My Husband. Approx. 775 words. 
    I will admit that as I age, I am shrinking in height and should consider taking my slacks or jeans to a tailor and having them professionally hemmed instead of compensating by pulling the waistband up to my chest or sporting four-inch-wide cuffs. 
$30     Laundrie: .The Books That Changed My Life. Approx. 700 words.
[February is National Library Lovers Month, Feb. 14 is Library Lovers Day]
    Globally, sharing books is one way I’m able to feel part of a larger community. Joining celebrity reading clubs, local and national book clubs, or enjoying classics most people have read, such as “The Grapes of Wrath,” unites us. 
$30     Rearick: Dancing in the Delta. 725 words.
    Harold and Mama danced close together while a fat woman sang “I Want Some Sugar in My Bowl” and sounded just like Bessie Smith. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Marry me tomorrow.”
$30    Lawson: Romance 101. Approx. 700 words. Photo.
    When Dave said he still wanted to marry me, my dad offered him $500 and a ladder if we would elope. Dave thought that was a great idea. We got married in the church. My dad was right, I am stubborn.

$45    Schlein/Washington Watch: Biden’s Path to Health Care Improvement and Reform Strewn with Road Blocks. Approx. 1875 words.
    Without a doubt, Biden’s two-prong agenda – to solve the coronavirus pandemic and 
patch up holes in the Affordable Care Act’s infrastructure – will face barriers and stumbling blocks, instead of consensus. 
$30    Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.

$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: RMD 123. Approx. 1000 words.
    How do you know how much to withdraw? What strategies can reduce your taxes and increase the value of your portfolios?
* * * * *
    Be especially careful to understand the relevant deadlines and their implications. The penalty for not taking a distribution when it was required is 50% of the amount you under-withdrew.
$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: You May Not Be Santa, But You Can Be a Savvy Online Shopper – And Avoid Some Nasty Scams. Approx. 900 words.
    Though not foolproof, payment by credit card is the most secure. ... On the other hand, if the retailer demands payment by money order, pre-loaded money card, or wire transfer, they may be trying to cover their tracks. 
$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense:  Your Penultimate Move. Approx. 875 words.
    Your unique situation may offer compelling financial reasons to stay, to downsize, or to move into senior living. Sometimes the financial “best choice” aligns with your emotional inclination, while other times they are at cross-purposes. Identifying the underlying issues can help you to sort out and discern what might be called a “smart heart” decision.
$30    David/Legal Ease: Making the Numbers Work for You Instead of Against Your Heirs. Approx. 600 words. 
    The fact that the second will was signed a week prior to your mother’s death while she was in hospice and gives everything to your one sister is highly suspicious.
* * * * * 
    Having to initiate probate in three states will be costly, time-consuming and can be avoided by you establishing a living trust and then transferring your three homes and your other assets to that trust.

$30    Vidro/Frazzled Consumer: A Health Invitation I’m Turning Down. Approx. 825 words.
    Now, are the screenings necessary? If people had symptoms, their doctors would administer these or comparable tests. These screenings by a traveling troupe are targeting folks without symptoms or without doctors.
* * * * *
    Are screenings potentially misleading? That depends on their reliability. Even if a test is valid, false negatives pose a danger of telling you all is well when that’s not the case. My fear is false positives, which trigger anxiety that can only be quelled by further, and more expensive, testing.
$30    Fowler/Eat Right Now! Healthy till the Finish Line: A Higher Quality of Life Awaits. Approx. 775 words.
    Vegetables were merely a garnish as my programmed habits caught up with me. I couldn’t even jog across the street or climb stairs without sucking wind. Then at 40, now 73, I weighed 300 pounds, didn’t exercise, had no energy, was mentally dull, drank and smoked – basically putting the aging pedal to the metal by driving the stake of imbalanced, meat-and potato-heavy nutrition through my flabby heart. 
$30    Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: Herbs and Spices to Boost Immunity. Approx. 500 words.
    Pumpkin Seed Oil. Add 2 teaspoons to your pumpkin pie filling before cooking it for a profoundly richer flavor and powerful medicinal benefits. It’s rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega fatty acids and is well known to support prostate and breast health.
$30     Wilkening: When You’re Too Old to Do…What?. Approx. 675 words.
    My neighbor’s thoughts about exercise doing more harm than good is not an unfamiliar one. But most experts agree that as you age, sitting too much is a losing idea. And almost anyone, at any age and with most health conditions can participate in some type of physical activity. But most of us put it off. 
$30    Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: The Pros and Cons of Amazon Pharmacy. Approx. 525 words.
    Security. Private information is required to sign up with Amazon Pharmacy. Many Americans today are nervous about Big Tech, and what they might do with this private data that includes your drug list.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Teck Talk. Apple Shakeup, Smart Speakers, and Wireless Chargers. Approx. 825 words.
    Also consider how you intend to use a smart speaker. As a way to stream music? Not all the models work with all the streaming services. To control other smart home devices? Again, these devices tend to only work with a subset of other devices.

$30    Block: Get Going Again with a Group. Approx. 875 words. Photos.
    Safety in numbers. Traveling with a group is safer than venturing out on your own, 
especially in a place you’re not familiar with. In addition, guides know what areas of a city to steer clear of and can provide assistance in case you encounter a problem.
$30    Witham/Ernie’s World. Road Trip, Hawaiian Style. Approx. 725 words.
    The instrument panel in the manual showed all these hi-tech features. Our dashboard had a large gaping hole where someone forgot to put in the features. Earlier we had searched for the mirror adjustment button, then figured out you had to crank the window down and push the edges of the mirror around.

$30Bardy/Laverne’s View: The Eyes Have It. Approx. 775 words.
    I don’t know whether retirement originated as a compassionate suggestion from God or if it was an excuse for employers to hire fresh blood and eliminate, without guilt, what they perceived to be dead weight. I only know that it’s a suspicious coincidence that retirement and body rot start at the same time. 
$30Buffin: Right Brain, Wrong Answers. Approx. 825 words.
    But the experience sets worry into motion. Remembered moments of forgetfulness lead to hours of internet searching for the warning signs of dementia. So engrossed am I in my research that I forget about the pot of water I set on the stove to boil. 
$30    Finn/Finnicky: Born Blonde. Approx. 500 words. Photo.
    Did someone behind the frozen yogurt counter recently say, "I love your hair color, it looks so natural." Oh, hanks. It looks so natural that you know it isn't? She may as well have said, “I love your hair color, it looks so dyed to perfection.”

$30    Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: And Then There Were None .Approx. 775 words. Photos.
    It’s one of those movies where the atmosphere is a big part of the storytelling. We have the remote mansion on the isolated island, the constant bashing of the waves on the rocks, and curtains of sea spray flying before our eyes, and the sound of the wind behind the dialogue.
$30    Crombie: Bang the Pots Again – The '40s Revisited. Approx. 775 words. Photos.
    In the breakfast nook, flowers stood on the shelf that had held our compact radio. The Radio Theater punctuated our dinners every Monday night at 6. The nearby ironing board still popped out of the kitchen wall like a Murphy bed.
$30    Levine/Levine’s Levity: Field of Stream Memories. Approx. 650 words.
    I had no recollection of Jim’s remembrance of flipping baseball cards against the school wall. This was probably a precaution taken because I was not a good flipper and treasured my cards. It was a shame for my financial future that my parents threw them out. 

$35    Slayback: One Hour to Evacuate – Are You Ready? Approx. 575 words.
    Decide whether a wheeled suitcase or backpack is better for you. Factor in that you may have to walk a distance, or jump into a van. Put your name on your suitcase, cane, walker or other essential items with permanent marker. 
* * * * *
    Include copies of Medicare card, health insurance card, passport or real ID. List of medications. Home deed/lease. Card with emergency contacts’ names and phone numbers.
$30    Wolfsie: What’s So Funny?! Approx. 525 words.
    “Dick, unlike you, I am always very focused when I am working on something. I block 
out everything else. Remember, I’m the one who does our taxes, oversees our 
healthcare coverage, and carefully analyzes our investments.” 
$30    Kaiser: I Can...I Think. Approx. 675 words.
    At times, we surprise ourselves with our accomplishments, and other times we gain another life lesson in humility. And who among us can't use more life lessons? But for heaven’s sake, try. You never know.
$30    White-Walker: The ‘Icewoman’ Cometh. Approx. 750 words.
    But now as I sidestepped the numerous fishing holes in the ice, I plunked myself down on an Austrian sheep’s wool-covered chair. Off to the side was a portable heater, so everything felt all snug and cozy – so unlike over 50 years ago when donned in flannel up to my neck, I unintentionally and wrongly was giving off vibes to my new husband that I was cold and frigid. 
$30    Murphy/Social Insecurity: Men and Women Are Different When it Comes to Garage Sales. Approx. 725 words.
    Women will separate clothes into different piles on tables: jeans, shirts, jackets, etc., all neatly folded. Whereas a man will simply throw all the clothes into one big pile like a giant bowl of spaghetti . . . on the lawn . . . where the dog loves to do its business . . . and just after the sprinkler system has watered the grass. 

Tel: 303-355-3882;
Order stories for publication via email at seniorwire.news@outlook.com

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. Additional unit for web site usage. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$30    Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: Romance at the Drugstore. Approx. 750 words. Photos.
    Dana Andrews, in that sexy white drugstore clerk’s coat, which is a bona fide chick magnet, seduces Teresa Wright in the drugstore with a whiff of perfume he pretends to sell her in “The Best Years of our Lives” (1946).
$30    Wilkening: That’ll Be the Day. Approx. 725 words.
    What caused the national mania for specially designated days? Who can we blame this on? The U.S. Congress, of course. Mainly. For years, the nation’s lawmakers seemed to have little else to do then become holiday factories. They called them commemorative periods. And legislators went a little crazy with them in the 1980s. 
* * * *
    Some special days that aren’t so widely celebrated: National Don't Be A Grouch Today Day. National Lost Sock Memorial Day, National Love a Tree Day, National Ampersand Day, National Toothache Day, Leave The Office Early Day, National Cheese Pizza Day and National Bacon Day, and National Star Ways Day (on July 4, with an appropriate theme song ‘May the Fourth be With You’).
$30    Patterson: On Presidents’ Day. Approx. 550 words.
    A Florida newspaper columnist once considered what special food to serve on Presidents Day. Turkey? No, he decided. Ham? No, again. He decided on turkey and ham sandwiches and suggested his readers “use their imagination” for their Presidents Day meal.

$45    Schlein: Good News for Bad Outcomes of Surprise Billing and Unscrupulous Hospice Practices. Approx. 1700 words. 
    Under the agreement, patients will now pay only the deductibles and copayment amounts they would under the in-network terms of their insurance plans. Doctors and medical providers will no longer be able to hold the patient hostage for the difference between those amounts and the higher fees they might like to charge.
* * * *
    The hospice industry, the newspaper found, has been overrun by unscrupulous providers who bill Medicare for hospice services and equipment for “terminally ill” patient who aren’t actually dying. Intense competition for new patients – who generate $154 to $1,432 a day each in Medicare payments – has spawned a cottage industry of illegal practices, including kickbacks to crooked doctors and recruiters who zero in on prospective patients at retirement homes and other venues. 
$30    Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.
$35    Telleen-Lawton/commentary: A Perspective on Taxes. Approx. 750 words.
    I could never admit to loving taxes, but I appreciate their role in smoothing the way, whether the pothole is in the road or in the economy!

$30    Bardy/Laverne’s View: So, Whatcha Been Up to Lately? Approx. 850 words.
    My granddaughter was there when I arrived. She stood up and prepared to knuckle bump me. Instead, I lowered a large shopping bag over my head that came down to my elbows, and we hugged, while onlookers giggled. I didn’t care. It felt wonderful.
$30    Wolfsie: Many Happy Returns. Approx. 525 words.
    Mary Ellen was not happy. “Let’s see, I said macaroni; you got baloney. I asked for guacamole; you got cannoli. We needed noodles, you bought strudel. In the morning, there will be no coffee, but plenty of toffee. Finally, dinner tonight will not be low-fat turkey, but a bag of beef jerky.
$30    Breslin: I Am Discovering Things to Like about Wearing a Mask. Approx. 825 words.
    All I can say is never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that someday I’d be walking around breathing through my panties. 
$30    Rearick/Puttin’ on the Gritz: No Good Deed ... Approx. 600 words.
    Consequently, “Miss Florence Nightingale” wheezed and whistled in the back seat of my car minus an oxygen tank. Becky and I watched her like buzzards looking at road kill and prayed her ticker wouldn’t run down. By tacit agreement, Becky and I agreed NOT to administer CPR.

$30    Fowler/Eat Right Now: Keep the Dance in Your Pants. Approx. 850 words.
    “Sex and sexual health among older adults doesn’t get much attention, but is linked closely to quality of life, health and well-being,” says Erica Solway, University of Michigan’s co-associate director of the poll. 
$30    Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: 5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight. Approx. 500 words.
    Cinnamon can support healthy blood sugar levels by acting like insulin. It shuttles blood sugar out of the blood, and puts into the cells where it belongs. So when they measure your blood sugar levels, there's less sugar floating around in it. When your blood sugar is more balanced, you crave fewer foods.

$30David/Legal Ease: Assets That No Longer Exist. Approx. 600 words.
    The legal term for this is “ademption” which means that those gifts will have forfeited because they no longer exist. In this event, the will provisions gifting the home and those investments to your brother and to you, respectively, will be ignored. 
$35    Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: Beware the Long-lost Cousin Scam. Approx. 800 words. Graphic.
    How do scammers get away with it? They win when we think they are the solution to some other problem we have. It may be helpful to list a few of the situations that may make us want to take a second look at an offer that’s too good to be true. I’ll also offer some venues to 
turn to for real help in that particular problem.

$30    DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Best Android Apps, iCloud, and Apple Keychain. Approx. 825 words.
    Internet Movie Cars Database: This site takes obscure trivia to a whole new level. A vehicle make and model search engine, cross-referenced with the movies in which they appeared. imcdb.org
$35    DeLaurentis/Tech Talk Extra: Three Simple Tips You Need to Look Marvelous on Zoom. Approx. 800 words.
    Stop making your nostrils the center of attention! Place the camera at the same height as your eyes. This angle cuts down background distractions, helps you sit up straight, and encourages you to look directly into the camera.
* * * *
    Those tiny mics you’ve seen on TV clipped to someone’s lapel are lavalier microphones. And while professional mics can cost thousands, this is one of those magic occasions when a $25 lavalier mic from Walmart will make you sound a thousand times better.

$30Block: On the Road in New York. Approx 900 words. Photos.
    You may have to loosen your belt during the sojourn in this diet-busting locale. Farm stands and you-pick fruit orchards vie with cheese shops and bakeries to tempt passersby with tasty treats. Craft breweries, cideries and wineries provide beverages to accompany these delicacies.
$30    Clift: The Gift of Intimate Strangers. Approx 900 words.
    Everyone I engaged with told stories that moved me, made me laugh, tear up, and most importantly tell the truths of my own life. I felt, for the first time, that I had climbed into my own skin. No need for game playing, diminishing or apologizing for my thoughts, so often called for from American females in the ‘60s.

$30    Cochrane: Finding Nature’s Path. Approx. 750 words. Photo.
    Multiple studies point to the benefits of volunteering, especially later in life. But becoming a steward of the earth, supporting environmental programs and introducing the young to life-changing adventures is not just volunteering, it can be a passion.
$30    Coleman: Reckoning a New Name. Approx. 650 words.
    Did Gramp’s age begin to show at 60's doorstep or am I outpacing him? This question, of course, has little to do with vanity and everything to do with aging. Season by season, I become more a grandfather and less John and Dad. The shift is glacial, but unmistakable. 
$30    Strack: On Being a Senior Smarter.  Approx. 900 words.
    It’s funny how priorities change when you get to your golden years. Money has become of less importance. Time has no price tag. Love is not a limited-time offer. Mindfulness of moments with friends and family matters much more than the size of bank accounts. 
$30       Finn/Finnicky: The DMV and Me. 575 words.
    I had my first desk job at the age of 65 – was I retired? Sitting for 8 hours was a new experience and I was quick to learn that lunch time is a good time to do small errands. I needed to replace my driver’s license, but was this a small errand? 
$30    White-Walker: Freedom from the Insecurities of the Younger Years. Approx. 875 words.
    Also, the little obsessions and struggling to remember where you’ve placed things, and recalling what is factual or fabricated, can be considered a human condition pertaining to all ages. So what if seniors just happen to be dealing with a few more challenges? Every life cycle has its hurdles.

$30    Kaiser: Food Is Memory. Approx. 600 words.
    Her dumplings were always big, white, and fluffy. For some reason I could never get those exactly right. Mine are the definition of gut-bombs, therefore I substitute with raw potato dumplings. I had a friend once who had no idea what a dumpling was. Gosh, I felt sorry for her.
$30    Stone: Always Moving On. Approx. 700 words. 
    Man’s reach gave us inventions that had seemed impossible: light bulbs; climate- controlled houses and offices; propeller to jet airplanes; automobiles that have heat/cold air/voices telling destinations and how to reach them – telephones, for starters. Our first TV entered our house in May 1948 with a test pattern showing most of the day, yet we sat in front of it fascinated. 

$30    McCune/Tunnel Visions: On Being a Minimalist: When Less Is Better.  Approx. 575 words. 
    When I recycle cards, carefully trimming the message panel from the pictorial panel, I save time (no shopping) and money (no purchase). I’m too lazy to travel from location to location in search of any bargain. I’d far rather curl up on my bed to read my tablet or a magazine than run out to do diddly-squat. 
$30    LeVia: Active Resting vs Passive Resting. Approx. 625 words.
    Some medical professionals recommend medical marijuana for active resters, which might not be a bad idea since a knocked over half-full urinal would merely be an object to ponder upon instead of a calamity for the marijuana-infused rester. 
$30    Witham/Ernie’s World: Pinterest-aholic. Approx. 700 words. Photo.
    Or, “A dancing robot that you control!” Or “mini drones you can play with in the house... a battery operated chainsaw... Baby Yoda made out of Legos... a remote-controlled excavator... a do-it-yourself snow cone maker... and... and... and...”
$30    Levine/Levine’s Levity: 25 Words for Less . Approx. 825 words. 
    For instance, one week the contest featured a beluga whale which was used to spy for the Russians (they sense objects that divers can’t pick up). The contest challenge was to create a spy movie title featuring this underwater secret agent. I immediately googled James Bond movies and thought that a title of “License to Krill” would be a strong entry. 
$30    Thiery: Does This Car Make Me Look Fat? Approx. 525 words.
    I don’t know,” I said to husband after driving the mini car. “It is so little and cramped that I feel like a cow in it. And the horizontal stripes? Ugh! Does this car make me look fat, Honey?” 
$30    Lawson: Game Night. Approx. 600 words. Photo.
    The girls and I were dressed like we were going out for dinner at a very nice restaurant. Everyone else, including the women, were dressed like lumberjacks. They were wearing flannel shirts, orange vests, big rubber boots and camo pants, and we were in skirts and sweaters and our hair was done. 

Tel: 303-355-3882;
Order stories for publication via email at seniorwire.news@outlook.com

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. Additional unit for web site usage. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$30    Rose/Midnight Gardener: New Vegetable Deliciousness Springing Forward in 2021. Approx. 750 words. Photos.
    Pea Snak Hero yields slender 4-inch pods with the long, straight appearance of a green bean but the surprising taste and texture of a snap pea. Stringless, super-sweet edible pods are perfect for healthy, garden-fresh snacking, stir-frying, or freezing for later.
$30    Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: Top O’ the Morning . Approx. 775 words. Photos.
    In a cute scene Ann, trying to find clues to verify an old legend with which Bing is unaware he has a major role, keeps sneaking peeks into the different pockets of his coat while they are dancing. He gives her a “what a weirdo” look and wonders if she’s a closet pickpocket.
$30    McCune/Tunnel Visions. (April 25 - Bookstore day) The Undeniable Lure of Bookstores. Approx 625 words. 
    Writers enable their readers to think about the world and life in new ways. They open their minds. So my cupidity for knowing about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people brings me rewards in addition to entertainment. 
$30    Gendusa/Memorial Day: The Spirit of the Fallen Soldier. Approx. 825 words.
    As the snow and ice accumulated, Sergeant York sent word to Ray's mother, Rose, explaining why her son would stay with him until the weather cleared. It took nearly 4 days for the roads to be drivable. During those days, the Sergeant told stories about the war and his service to the awestruck young boy who would later become my patriotic father. 

$45    Schlein/Washington Watch: Seniors Find Covid Conundrums Old and New Both Confounding and Comforting. Approx. 1600 words.
    Just ask anyone who has tried to help their own parents negotiate online to get registered 
for a vaccine and faced jammed phone lines and glitchy websites – and if they are trying to do it in person, long wait lines outside clinics. It feels more like trying to win the lottery or score scarce tickets to a rare music concert than trying to obtain a lifesaving vaccine. 
$30    Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.
$30    Bardy/Laverne’s View/commentary: Once Upon a Time. Approx. 675 words.
    Friends accuse me of being in a time warp when I express my preference for all things wholesome and principled. Maybe they’re right. I admit to being disappointed with humankind’s general lack of values.

$30    DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk Extra: Five Tips to Successfully Schedule a Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment Online. Approx. 625 words.
    My 83-year-old mother, who is an iPad wizard when it comes to Etsy shopping and Zoom chats, was completely derailed by the challenge of completing her vaccine registration online. The form consisted of 9 pages, and chock-full of buttons and pick lists – where one misstep would invalidate the entire process.
$30    Goldfein: Streaming My Life Away. Approx. 725 words.
    And I know I’m not alone in my neediness. On Zoom calls with friends the topics of conversation have switched from politics and other intellectual pursuits to “what are you watching?”

$30     Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: Autoimmune Disorders and Risk of Infection. Approx. 500 words.
    If you have autoimmune thyroid disease, or hypothyroidism, your immune system may not be able to protect you from foreign “antigens” or invaders. These include new cancer cells, microorganisms, toxins and even simplistic signals that your body should “see” and don’t due to low thyroid. If you’re low in thyroid, your protection against invaders is hindered.  
$30    Fowler/Eat Right Now!: The Revival of Edible, Medicinal Mushrooms. Approx. 800 words.
    Mushrooms, grown in nutrient-rich compost, are undeniably engineering masterpieces of mother nature’s benevolent cupboard and contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet.
* * * * *
    As a defense against bacterial invasion, fungi have developed strong antibodies, which also happen to be effective for us humans. Penicillin, streptomycin, and tetracycline all come from fungal extracts.

$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Long-term Care Insurance – Yes, No, Maybe? Approx. 975 words.
    Another option is to self-insure. If you can earmark at least $250,000 of your retirement funds for a potential long-term care need, you might want to consider self-insuring. If the money is not needed, there’s more for your heirs.
* * * * *
    By the early 2000s, it became evident that companies didn’t have sufficient reserves for the liability of their policyholders. This led to problems with coverage denials for elders who had paid in for years or decades.
$35    Vidro/The Cautious Consumer Guy: You’ve Won Free Gold! Approx. 800 words.
    The second letter in the envelope pitched their products. But on the rear, in faint type, it did spell out all the legalities, which is probably why they’re still in business. A company can obey the letter of the law while still being deceitful, slimy, and unethical.
* * * * *
    Most folks send in their claim vouchers without reading all the way to the bottom of the faint type on the rear of the second letter. So to receive $6 worth of gold, and a magazine subscription you probably don’t want, you send $2.75 right away and $11 a month for life.
$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: What’s New in Annuities? Approx. 775 words.
    Annuity payments may be paid out for life or for a specific number of years. The payments are backed by the insurance company and are not insured by FDIC. For insurance companies which go bankrupt, defaulted annuitants may have some recourse through their state.
* * * * *
    Simply, when the agents must compare and find the best annuity for their clients, they tend to find lower priced ones even when it won’t benefit their commissions. When annuities become more readily compared, fees and commissions shrink in the new competition. 
$35    Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Fortitude for Financial Resolutions. Approx. 850 words.
    Whether you’re a retiree or still in the workforce, you can continue to nurture a savings habit. At just over a 3% rate of inflation, prices double in a 20-year retirement. Even low inflation can wreak havoc on a budget. Make sure you have an emergency fund to cover several months of expenses, in case your income is delayed or halted. 

$30    DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Chromecast, Modern DVD Apps, and iPhone Status. Approx. 800 words.
    Most new computers do not handle DVDs very well. Default installations of operating systems no longer include a utility app to play DVDs. Hardware that supports DVDs has disappeared from many laptop models in the rush to build smaller and lighter devices.
* * * * *
    These new hardware indicators were added as part of a renewed focus on privacy. Without the indicators it was possible to quietly abuse the microphone and camera. Now, whenever any app is listening or looking through the camera, you will know it.
$35    Vidro/The Cautious Consumer Guy. There’s a Glitch in My Prescription! Approx. 825 words.
    Of course, in this day and age, computers never make mistakes. (I can’t believe I typed that with a straight face.)

$30    Nelson: Learning from the World of Biking. Approx. 875 words. Photo.
    We all know, but seldom experience, the fact that life can change in the blink of an eye. Mine did. On a sunny Colorado afternoon I was transformed from a carelessly athletic 73 year old to a man who could barely move his fingers and toes. 
$30    Rearick: Not Just a Warm Puppy. Approx. 400 words.
    Happiness is bumping into an old friend and remembering their name.
    Happiness is not needing Google to remember something.
    Happiness is finding something you lost.
    Happiness is remembering why you walked into a room.
$30       White-Walker: Wider Than the Red Sea. Approx. 650 words.
    Boy, if that doesn’t make most of us feel like self-serving creeps, I don’t know what 
does. There are people out there who totally eclipse the sun’s warmth, and those who make 
you feel the sunshine on all sides of you.
$30    Laundrie: Go Ahead. Uncork the Champagne. Approx. 525 words. Photo.
    I catch myself wishing for weeks to go by so the weather or a health problem or the world improves. While I’m wishing time away, what am I missing now?

$30    Wilkening: Who Wrote the Songs (And Why It Matters). Approx. 875 words.
    “Over the Rainbow" is another old-time favorite but it was almost lost. It was written specifically for the movie "The Wizard of Oz.” The composers were Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. Judy Garland singing the song was a scene originally deleted from the movie, but the song writers lobbied to get it back in the film. 
$30    Coleman: Rediscovering Radio. Approx. 975 words. 
   My sister and I kept vigil in the dark, her radio dial giving us a gentle, green glow. Sound effects were everything: wingtips clacking on a hardwood floor, an automobile engine purring, a door creaking open for what seemed an eternity. Of course, music didn’t hurt the experience either.
$30    Johns/Be Happy Eating: How to Prepare Your Pantry for the Unknown. Approx. 1000 words.
    A good goal is to have a three-day supply of non-perishable food. More is better, but once you get the hang of buying a little extra each time you’re out, it’ll add up. One day you’ll realize you don’t need to go to the store for a while if you prepare meals from your pantry.
$30    Witham/Ernie’s World: A Paint in the Neck. Approx. 725 words. Photo.
    “Through the double doors,” they told me. I ended up in the garden section. I asked another person. “Through the double doors,” they told me. I ended up in an alcove. I asked another person. “Through the...” Right. I ended up in the warehouse finally finding a few ladders off in a corner. 
$30    Wolfsie:  Got You Covered. Approx. 550 words.
    I always put the Tupperware tops on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher, and an hour later the result looks something like a Salvador Dali clock. Years ago, there was a lady in Fort Wayne who had potato chips that looked like famous people. I have a Tupperware lid that looks like Mick Jagger.
$30    Reid: Good and Bad Traits of Me, The Water Bearer. Approx. 450 words.
     I probably do appear aloof at times, especially when I’m in the grocery store, wondering why I’m in the bakery when the next thing on my list is asparagus. Or when I seem detached at the check-out aisle, wondering where I parked my car. 
$30    Thiery: My Dog Is Smarter than Your Dog. Approx. 775 words.
    Janice swears that Cleveland not only understands everything she says, but she can tell from the look in his eyes that he is desperately trying to communicate with her. I’ll bet he is. What he is trying to say is, “Get off my back, will you? What am I? The family butler?”