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$30McCune: Clutter, Hoarding and All Sorts of Habits, Good and Bad. (Clear Off Your Desk Day - January) Approx. 500 words.
Others say a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. Someone, or several
someones, including Einstein if you can believe a Google search, asked, “If a cluttered
desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
$30Donahue: Resolutions: Then, Now, Always. Approx. 700 words.
The god Janus gracing arches and doorways had special symbolical significance to the Romans particularly in January with one face looking back into the old year and with the other face looking forward into the year ahead. Of course the ancient Romans celebrated and also made promises of good behavior to their deity.
$30McCune: Can Reading Novels Make Us into Better People? (Library Lovers Month -February) Approx. 575 words plus optional sidebar.
Yes, reading changes behavior. Changes can be positive, assisting you to function and relate better in the world.  Or they can be negative, encouraging aggression and cruelty, setting you and those around you up for a world of trouble.
* * * * *
[From the optional sidebar:] Today, 73 years later, my homebound-patron library volunteer gets a lot of his aerobic exercise hauling books in and out of my house, and my library hold list is always at the 30-item maximum.
$30Truelson: The Third of February. Approx. 675 words.
Buddy Holly captivated the rhythm of my soul and drew me into the new world of rock and roll. Elvis was for girls, Buddy was for guys and this boy. And I still have his albums bought way back then for about $1.49 each.
$30Breslin/Alive and Kidding: It’s Hard to Buy a Winter Coat in Winter. Approx. 875 words.
Discouraged, I headed home and actually tried to repair my old jacket. The results were so crooked, bunched up and hideous looking, the only place I’d ever wear the jacket would be in the woods…after dark. Even then, the wild animals probably would point at it and laugh.
$30Cook: Black Ice, Lying in Wait. Approx. 650 words.
I don’t know how helpful I’ve been in warning readers about black ice. I’m certain many
have had their own run-ins. Outside of wearing a padded suit like the Michelin Man, I don’t have much advice. Black ice is like a brown recluse spider — you don’t know it’s there until you’re its victim.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch - analysis: New Congress: Ambitious Health Care Agenda – But Can They Accomplish Anything?Approx. 2150 words.
Serious medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and asthma are often the kinds of illnesses that some health insurance companies try to avoid covering. More than 25 percent of Americans under age 65 – about 52 million people – have a pre-existing condition that would have prevented them from buying individual health insurance before the ACA became law in 2010. More than 75 percent of Americans, polls show, favor keeping these protections in place.
* * * * *
Finding a workable solution to skyrocketing drug prices is where the issue really gets sticky. On this issue and the discussion of Medicare for All – the real purpose of most drug pricing legislation in the new Congress will be to set an agenda for the 2020 presidential elections, more than to actually fix the problem.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: Eco Makes Money Sense. Approx. 750 words.
Ecology and economics both examine the allocation and management of scarce resources. The million-dollar question is, from an eco-perspective, are we currently managing earth’s scarce resources in a way that makes financial sense for us and for our descendants?
* * * * * *
The financial world, often the last place for novel ideas to go mainstream, is embracing environmental factors as important in investment decisions. ESG (Environmental Social and Governance)-oriented investing currently drives around a quarter of all professionally managed assets worldwide.

$30David/Legal Ease: Paying for Important Legal Documents Now Can Save Costly Time and Trouble Later. Approx. 775 words.
Should you become legally incapacitated, even though your daughter can pay your bills because she is on your checking account, there is nothing else she can do for you. For instance, she cannot enter into contracts on your behalf, file your tax returns, conduct banking beyond check writing, or do anything else regarding your finances or assets.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: Scrutinize Those Medical Bill Codes. Approx. 775 words.
Proper medical coding is important on many levels. Patient safety, efficient operations, and a reasonable payment cycle depend on accurate coding. Improving this system also aids planning for under-served health care areas.

$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Hardworking Twins. Approx. 675 words.
Since diabetes is one of  the leading causes of kidney disease and kidney failure, maintaining normal weight, exercising, eliminating cigarettes and excessive alcohol, are key to escaping kidney problems. If you have diabetes, monitor it!
$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: 3 Convincing Reasons to Eat More Oatmeal. Approx. 425 words.
Because it keeps blood sugar stable, oatmeal is theoretically great at preventing complications from diabetes or other chronic illnesses. It literally improves insulin resistance.
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Coffee’s Mixed Reviews. Approx. 725 words.
My doctor suggested I try a break from coffee. Yeah, the heart flutter disappeared, but I’ll never forget the withdrawal — a bayonet-though-the-brain headache.
$30Stone: Hairy, Maybe;  But Healthy for Sure. Approx. 700 words.
What have legs/fitness/muscles got to do with sports' cars? Watch someone get into a Porsche, Mercedes convertible, MG, or any other low car, and chances are you're watching the auto and not the person's movements, right?
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Weedy Pain Cure. Approx. 650 words.
Harvard’s Dr. Peter Grinspoon says, “Cannabis is quite effective for the chronic pain that plagues millions of aging Americans…it is clearly safer than opiates (it is impossible to overdose on and far less addictive) and it can take the place of NSAIDs such as Advil or Aleve”
$30Fowler: Eat Right Now: Fresh, Nourishing Golden Pineapple. Approx. 850 words.
Perfect health is your divine right. You were born to express perfect health at any age. Claim it now. Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown of good health and be fierce on the outside, but sweet and whole on the inside.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Making the Most of Apple iPhone. Approx. 800 words.
Health data is protected with safeguards similar to those used with passwords. Unless special care is taken to protect health info when moving to a new device, the data will remain locked inside the old phone.

$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: How Much Should You Spend on Your Inaugural Retirement Trip? Approx. 875 words. Photos
Now we are contemplating our inaugural retirement trip for the summer of 2020. Our
dreams are no less lofty than when we were in our 20s. We may have a little less energy, but
more time and more money seem like reasonable tradeoffs.
$30Scott: The Museums of I. M. Pei.  Approx. 700 words. Photos.
The glass façade of the entrance to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland brings to mind Pei’s Louvre but it is a sloping triangle not a pyramid. There are two cantilevered wings in white metal that project from either side of a tower. The design is to bring to mind a drum, a stack of 45s and a speaker.
$30Witham/Ernie’s World: Head West, er, East, er, Somewhere, Young Man. Approx. 725 words. Photos.
Being a visionary city, Tokyo uses Oshiya or “passenger arrangement staff” to literally shove millions of passengers aboard the trains during rush hours to maximize car space, which works quite well. Our train was so full, I could have passed out cold and never ended up on the floor.

$30Beeson/Sam’s Side: Seniors and Their Babies. Approx. 1125 words.
Personally, I am one of those seniors who would love to have a grandchild, would get them all wound up and excited, then send them back home with my son in a state of great agitation. Yeah…when it comes to payback, we seniors have learned a thing or two.
$30Wolfsie: Now Hear This. Approx. 575 words.
Participating in any test or medical questionnaire on the Web is always a mistake.  Recently, I was not feeling well so I entered my symptoms: headache, fatigue, and dizziness. In seconds, I was provided 23 reasons I should be dead.
$30White-Walker: Pedaling in Pain. Approx. 700 words.
Rome may as well swing open their hospital doors and have us bike riders steer straight into the emergency room, because it's only a matter of time, especially given Mary's and my advancing ages.
$30Cook: Going Forward: Geezer Nation Marches On. Approx. 700 words.
I've discovered the most important survival tactic outside of a sense of humor is ego reduction. If you're heading for the big 65 while holding onto your vanity, you'd better let go.
$30Goldfein: Playing It Cool. Approx. 975 words.
But if one wants to retain one's Cool Grandparent certificate, one can never rest on one's chocolate chip cookies. No. Hipness takes work and continuing education credits.

$30Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: Betty Boop and the Production Code. Photos. Approx. 775 words.
From Stopping the Show and Betty Boop’s Bamboo Isle, both from 1932, we get Betty singing, stripping, and pouring her heart out. Naiveté was never so suggestive. The cartoons always had at least one song, and the scenarios were usually risqué.
$30Bardy: Just Another Day in Hell. Approx. 850 words.
I explained that I have had countess decades to form friendships with vegetables, but it hadn’t happened, “so, while it’s difficult to believe that it’s ever going to happen, I understand the importance of at least inviting them to dinner,” so I promised I would.
$30Ginther: A Tranquil Sight. Approx. 650 words.
One would be hard pressed to find many reminders from the era immediately following WWII. Hardly anything appears the same, including the once familiar surroundings where I grew up. Sometimes it is hard to realize that some things will never again be as we remember them.

$30Levine: Where, Oh Where Art Thou, Fellow Snowbirds? Approx. 700 words.
Like Florida gators, it was possible that we could make friends on the water so we did take some intercoastal waterway cruises. These excursions featured the waterfront properties of the rich and ostentatious.
$30Rearick: Twisted Logic. Approx. 800 words.
I’m a grandmother so I know certain things. One of which is that the back seat of a vehicle is not a danger zone. The other thing this wise granny knows is that my grandkids stay awake at night thinking up sneaky tricks to play on me.
$30Laundrie; Some of the Coolest Jobs Ever. Approx. 625 words.
It includes openings on various cruise lines and an “Older and Bolder” category specifically for senior applicants. Apply to be a housekeeper, shuttle driver, or manager at a resort, many of which are in gorgeous settings out west, such as Bryce Canyon.
$30Lawrenzi: The Trouble with Mangoes. Approx. 625 words.
Mangoes are a tropical island fruit known for their delicious flavor and healthy texture.
Unfortunately they are also messy and attract fleas.

Tel: 303-355-3882
Order stories for publication via email at

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$30Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: ‘Abraham,’ A Song for Lincoln’s Birthday.  Approx. 775 words. Photo.
She has dignity, and this was Abraham Lincoln’s great gesture to his fellow Americans of every color –  the idea that human beings were born with innate dignity and nobody could take it away from them, even if they took away their freedom.  People can only give up their dignity willingly, which is what Bing and Marjorie are doing in this scene.
$30Ambord: Awareness is a Key to Heart Disease Prevention, But Many Remain Unaware. Approx. 900 words.
Heart disease remains an enormous problem for women in general, and a significantly higher cause of death in black women. Why the difference? Studies indicate that lack of awareness is the major swing factor. In fact, based on their responses to surveys, black and Hispanic women are 66% less likely to be aware that heart disease is a leading killer of women.
$30Stone: A Downhill Treadmill Against Heart Problems. Approx. 1000 words.
Pages flipped from calendars. Chest pain. Denial. Chest pain. Excuses. Chest pain. Ignore; remember the stress test showed “typical woman's lack of conditioning” and a live-with floppy heart valve. Chest pain and electrocardiogram changes. Hospital.
$30Bardy/Laverne’s View: Getting All That I Deserve.  Approx. 675 words.
He then said that since his wife’s passing he’d only dated young women with tight derrieres, firm boobs and airbrushed skin. I assured him that we would never meet.
But, he wore me down, and we did meet, and despite my puckered skin, timeworn boobs and great-for-child-bearing hips, he wanted me because he liked my mind.
$30Kennedy/Common Sense After 70: Remember the Bismarck. Approx. 775 words.
Dunking is in my DNA. As a child, I dunked gingersnaps in milk. As a teenager, I dunked cookies in tea. As a 50-something, I dunked biscotti in coffee. And now as an aging spinster, I dunk anything in everything.
* * * * *
You’re wondering why I’m writing such a silly column when Lent’s right around the corner and I should be talking about all the goodies I’ll be giving up. But that’s the beauty of our new age. Gone are the days when it was mandatory to “give up” something for 40 days.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch: Texas, Trump, the Constitution and Seniors – All Still in Play in the ACA Fray. Approx. 1575 words.
If the Trump administration reverses course and refuses to enforce the ACA because of the Texas ruling, seniors could immediately be on the hook for thousands of dollars in additional drug spending. Millions more Americans would lose Medicaid coverage, which is the largest payer of addiction treatment in the United States.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.

$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Nice and Naughty. Approx. 750 words.
Both women are at their ideal weight, yet — like me – they’re compulsive dessert eaters. What is this uncontrollable drive for sweets?
$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: 6 Startling Reasons to Be Less Nice This Year. Approx. 625 words.
Saying no, or calling someone out is not nice. I submit to you that I am not a nice person. I propose that in 2019, you be less nice as a method of improving your health and mental well-being. It's a good resolution, and one that you can actually stick to.
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Meet Your Meat. Approx. 700 words.
Government data find the following “prohibited drugs in our meat more often than previously known”: “ketamine, a hallucinogenic party drug; phenylbutazone, an anti-inflammatory deemed too risky for human use; and chloramphenicol, an antibiotic linked to potentially deadly anemia.”

$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: Dollars and Divorce. Approx. 750 words.
A financial advisor will project how a split will affect your retirement income. She or he
will help you determine which assets are more or less valuable in a split, such as retirement accounts on which taxes will be due on withdrawal.
$30David/Legal Ease: Who Knew? Gifts Can Have Tax Consequences; Trusts Can, Too. Approx. 650 words.
I want to caution you, however, that since making gifts not only impacts you as the donor but the person to whom you are making the gift, you should not rush into a gift-giving program until you have a full understanding of the consequences all around.
* * * *
You would be required to report all items of income or deduction or credit on your own income tax return and your trust would not be treated as a separate tax-paying entity at this time. Upon your death, however, the trust would become irrevocable at which point it would become its own taxpayer and need to have a taxpayer identification number. 
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Safe Food and e-Money. Approx. 775 words. Photo.
They want fresh produce’s journey from farmer to packer, shipper, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer to be monitored and verified at each step and available to everyone. With a known pathway, problems at the consumer level are quickly traceable to the source, reducing cost and the impact of food-borne pathogens.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: ‘Neighbor Spoofing,’ Better Audio Phone Calls, and Touchscreen Gloves. Approx. 800 words.
Every Frame a Painting: Tony and Taylor discuss the visual language of moving pictures, using scenes from a vast array of films as the basis for exploring new ways to see. This YouTube channel will forever change how you perceive movies.
$30Joseph: Learning a Foreign Language at 75. Approx. 550 words.
About a year ago I read in a senior publication how learning a foreign language can help maintain mental acuity as one aged, and for my 75th birthday I decided to give myself a present: one last shot at learning to speak Spanish, this time by using an online program.
$30Wolfsie: Now Read This! Approx. 525 words.
Needless to say, the discovery of this simple feature has changed my life. No longer do I send messages that say things like: “I gat your email anf hipe to see yiu im the veri near futurg.”
“Wait, don’t you have spellcheck?” you might ask.

$30Witham: The Ups and Downs of Hamburg. Approx. 725 words. Photos.
Turns out, a paternoster is an open elevator that does not stop. You just time your leap and jump on. “Incoming! Oomph.” At the top, the elevator moves to the right and heads back down and you step off. “Whoa.” Stumble, stumble, stumble.
$30Scott: Exploring Bruges: Approx. 600 words. Photos.
The Museum-Gallery Xpo: Salvador Dali, located in the Cloth Halls, is home to an amazing collection of works by Dali. It is an audiovisual spectacle that highlights not only Dali’s work but his character and vision of life. It is as unforgettable as his works.
$30Block: Costa Rica: Explore the Rich Diversity of Flora, Fauna and Scenery. Approx. 825 words. Photos.
Much time was spent being introduced to the country’s major claims to tourism fame – animal watching and exploring vast stretches of the unspoiled environment. More than one-fourth of Costa Rica is set aside in national parks, wildlife refuges and reserves.

$30Rearick: ‘Cats in the Cradle’. Approx. 875 words.
Some of my still-active friends have confided in me that their self-involved grown children have little or no time left over for them. As they are not ready to be put out to pasture, they don’t understand why they don’t hold a more important place in their family.
$30Gendusa: Do You Hear the Timer Ticking? Approx. 825 words. Photo.
The longer we live we slowly come to accept that we all have a list to complete:  people we need to see, things we need to say, and truths that need to be told.
$30Beeson/Sam’s Side: How Old Am I? Uhhhhh…. Approx. 850 words.
But time does what it does best…move on, and I steadily got older and learned a thing or two. Birthdays became something that was no longer anticipated, but dreaded. Being an adult was something that was required, but not desired. Growing up happened, whether I wanted it to or not.
$30Sprague: Retirement and Maybe Remarriage: Heaven or Hell or Learning to Live Again but very Differently. Approx. 775 words. Photo.
There are new issues as it pertains to your new spouse – budgeting, bank accounts, holidays, how much money you’re going to spend on the children, family traditions, property issues, retirement savings, wills, two families loosely joined with different practices…and stepchildren.
$30Goldfein: Taken Without a Grain of Salt. Approx. 850 words.
Have you ever considered smearing butter and jam on the cardboard shipping box containing your latest Amazon delivery? I guarantee you that it couldn’t taste much worse than what I was attempting to swallow.

$30White-Walker: 60 Minutes — It Ain't The Same Without That Old Codger. Approx. 950 words.  
I think with him speaking with such assurance and authority, TV listeners automatically believed everything that came out of his mouth – that mouth that seldom, if ever, was framed in a smile and so there wasn't any need to question his every word. With all the exaggerators and liars out there, it was so refreshing to believe somebody, anybody, about anything!
$30Ginther/As I Recall: Getting There – Then and Now. Approx. 675 words.
In the heyday of the railroad industry, travel by passenger train was a fun adventure and very comfortable. Not only was every coach equipped with a restroom, but also you could move about the train unrestricted most of the time.
$30Reid:  My First Honeymoon. Approx. 450 words.
My suspicion they might be drinking on my wedding day was confirmed when Uncle Joyce came back outside for another cigarette. After finishing it, and stomping the butt out on the sidewalk, he walked face-first into the same door again!

$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense:  Bag a Lot, Save a Little. Photo. Approx. 750 words.
Grocers typically charge for bags now, so of course we save the costs of bags. And the earth is saved the cost of more trash. Besides that, there is a certain pleasure in taking ownership of bagging.
$30Handler/Leslie Goes Boom: I Truly Am Wealthy. Approx. 525 words.
Not all wealth comes in dollar bills. Some of it comes in happy greetings every time I come home. Some of it comes in a warm cuddle at the end of a long day, and some of it comes in unconditional love times three.
$30Miss Nora: Married to a Decorating Junkie. Approx. 750 words.
I know of a husband who refused to put his laundry in the hamper for weeks, leaving it all over the floor instead and called it art until his wife finally got it and stopped adorning their bedroom with birdcages, pillows and candles.
$30Breslin/Alive and Kidding: Will I Ever Crave Liver and Lima Beans? Approx. 775 words.
People who sleep only five hours a night probably are heavier because they have the remaining 19 hours of the day to stuff themselves with food, while people who sleep eight hours have only 16. I mean, it’s just basic math.
$30Haynes: Do You Know This About Wine? Approx. 575 words.
Leftover sparkling wines can be used to macerate fresh fruit. But only serve the macerated fruit to adults –  the alcohol is still present after the bubbles have dissipated.

Tel: 303-355-3882
Order stories for publication via email at

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$30Rose/Midnight Gardener: Try Some Delicious New Varieties this Spring. Photos.
Approx. 725 words.
The adorable Fire Fly tomato is not as small as a currant tomato and not as large as a cherry tomato, but is a "just right" in-between size. The round fruits are super sweet, pale white to pale yellow and less than one inch in size. Delicate, translucent skins offer a mild acid flavor that enhances the sweet taste.
$30McCune/Tunnel Visions How Can We Keep America Beautiful with All Those Flosser Picks Littering? Approx. 550 words.
I’ve got to believe that flosser picks are just as much litter problems as cigarette butts. They’re not biodegradable, they’re ugly once abandoned, they can stab toes and soles, and animal health would be threatened should any ingest the flosser picks. In the litter competition, flosser picks are kicking the butt’s domination.
$30Marze: April Fool’s Bull. Approx. 900 words.
In one of those sudden, creative inspirations that April 1st seems to bring out in me, I impulsively said, “I’m so glad you called because something’s wrong with T-Bone (the bull’s oh- so-original name). He’s lying out in the pasture with his feet up in the air, and hasn’t moved for an hour.”
$30Mroz: Easter by Cellphone. Approx. 500 words.
When did grandchildren hunt for the neon plastic eggs in which Mom, Dad, and Grandma had dutifully gathered their change and crumpled dollar bills to wrap around jelly bellies inside artificial eggs? Did teenagers even want to hunt for Easter eggs? Were they too old to bother with such childish pursuits?
$30Chamberlin/Mother’s Day:  Escaping ‘Life Sentences’: Childhood Sayings That Lock Us Up. Approx. 900 words.
I grew up sensing responsibility for something I couldn’t define or give, believing I was missing something from my mother. I differed from my math/tech-whiz brothers. I was a reader, writer, daydreamer. I fell short, it seemed.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch: Swallowing High Pill Prices Is Hard to Take, But Determined Legislators and Hopeful Candidates Desperately Seeking Solutions. Approx. 1800 words.
Everyone understands the urgency of some action – except the pharmaceutical industry. Drug price reform is far more complicated than the rhetoric about it. Getting a handle on the real costs to patients is even more difficult to assess, buried under a complicated web of manufacturer rebates and insurance cost sharing.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.

$35 Slayback/A Healthy Age: Bad Testing Makes My Blood Boil. Approx. 600 words.
In the past year my mom’s blood pressure has been taken in medical exam rooms of two university research centers and an assortment of doctor’s offices. Nobody takes blood pressure properly. Rushed nurses are unconcerned about it. Everyone should be concerned and here’s why: 
$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: 7 Supplements and Some Medications That Should Be Taken With Food. Approx. 500 words.
CoQ10: Some people take this powerful antioxidant for cellular energy production to support their heart, pancreas, liver and brain. CoQ10 (ubiquinone) should be taken with food, or a fatty meal to speed absorption.
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Care for a Broken Heart. Approx. 750 words.
I am mindful that susceptibility to BHS increases with age, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure — all of which compromise the immune system. My population of seniors may not know how to ask for help, be confused about medications, dehydrated, or not eating properly.
$30Fowler/Eat Right Now: It’s Still Flu Season – Nourish Your Inner Healer. Approx. 400 words.
Seductive sugar, a legal drug, has a dreadful impact on the building blocks of our immune system’s functioning for four to six hours. Sugar destroys the germ-killing ability of white blood cells for up to five hours after ingestion and interferes with the transport of vitamin C, important for immune function.

$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: ESG Investing – Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too? Approx. 850 words.
Investors want to know that their money is a positive force in the world, but they don’t want to sacrifice return. Can you have your cake and eat it too?
$30David/Legal Ease: Naming Contingent Beneficiaries Goes a Long Way to Insuring Your Wishes. Approx. 725 words.
If you want to make sure that your sister’s children receive the proceeds from those investments if she were to predecease you, then you need to name them as the contingent beneficiaries on your life insurance policy, IRA and 401k.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: People Die; Debt Can Linger On. Approx. 775 words.
The average balance of a deceased debtor is over $60,000 (or about $13,000 excluding home loans). Whether your family is responsible for your debts after your death depends on your circumstances and your state of residence.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Dollar Sense: Think Your Way to Financial Comfort. Approx. 800 words.
If you’re like most folk, however, you haven’t paid much attention to your retirement accounts. The accounts are likely heavy with outdated management fees, stocks that are well past blue chip, and bonds from the years they earned practically nothing.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Home Automation, Personal Dashboards, and iPhone Live Listen. Approx. 850 words.
Internet Archive: This site rarely shows up in search results, which is a shame, because it hosts one of largest collections of knowledge ever created. Use the site's search page to access  millions of free books, movies, software, music, and Websites.
$30Crantz: What is Medicare Telehealth? It’s VAMIPI, Of Course. Approx. 500 words.
He still thinks Julie should have given him 4 stethoscopes, but that’s life. He cannot wait until next month to upload his MRI onto the website. Now your MRI can be reviewed by a radiologist, a vascular surgeon, a plumber, a school teacher and a hairdresser!

$30Block: See It on the Silver Screen – Visit the Real Deal. Approx. 875 words. Photos.
From Maine to Hawaii, locations where movie scenes were filmed attract visitors seeking to hold onto memories of beloved motion pictures. At places ranging from a delicatessen in New York to a beach in Hawaii, from a state reformatory in Ohio to an island off the coast of South Carolina, people recapture treasured moments.
$30Clift: Counting Cats in Zanzibar: Reflections on Travel Through a 7th Decade Lens. Approx. 1050 words.
I stopped breathing at the sight of Michelangelo's David, wept in San Marco Square, thrilled at the sound of Big Ben and the pageantry of the Changing of the Guard, ate prix fixe three-course meals on the Left Bank, and smiled back at Mona Lisa.

$30Murphy/Social Insecurity: Getting a Haircut Can Cause High Anxiety. Approx. 875 words. Photos.
“Deciding which type of haircut is right for you can be one of the biggest challenges senior men face. A hairstyle that worked 30 years ago may no longer look as good as it once did.” I’ve got news, buddy, when it comes to senior men, NOTHING works or looks as good as it did 30 years ago!
$30Lebel:  When You Can’t Sleep at 3 a.m. Approx. 800 words.
Pull in your stomach and see how long you can hold it. Put a huge smile on your face and think of something funny/interesting to say if you met that person again. If you put your teeth back in before you do this it works better.

$30Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: Alice Faye’s on the Phone: Hello, Frisco, Hello. Approx. 750 words. Photos.
Alice Faye sings on the telephone a song of long-distance love and longing to which every pair of lovers during the years of World War II could relate. The scene became instantly modern, an incandescent moment forever linked more to the 1940s than to the turn of the 20th century.
$30Gendusa: The House That Built Us. Approx. 1000 words.
The box held Mama’s dreams, so I knew it was important to trim the magazine clippings just right in case she needed to pick up that perfect dream one day. The box held pictures of countless houses along with ideas for each imaginary room. One day she might just find a place to implement this or that.
$30Pew: Ashes to Ashes…Dust to Dust. Approx. 875 words.
The silence was interrupted when the ditzy daughter-in-law came over to ask me what part of the body had been in that bag. The phrasing of her question threw me off. Several thoughts entered my mind, but at this somber moment I elected to tell her it was probably his brain as he had always been a big thinker.
$30Lawrenzi: Wearing Nothing but a Smile. Approx. 875 words.
There was a building up ahead on the left and I decided to stop and ask directions.  I pulled the VW to a stop and hurried into the building, leaving the engine running. An attractive young woman was seated behind a desk. She was wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a smile.

$30Healy: Begin Anywhere. Approx. 625 words.
I suspect the best bits in life always do happen that way – when we don’t worry about knowing how or where or if we’ve missed the beginning, and we just begin anywhere. And trust in the outcome.
$30Miss Nora: My Husband’s Shipboard Infatuation Lingers On. Approx. 850 words.
My husband is still in touch with this woman through emails. She is careful to address the emails to the both of us but what they are discussing in their exchanges has nothing whatsoever to do with me and clearly meant to keep their infatuation alive.
$30Wolfsie: Survey Says… Approx. 500 words.
I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the drop-down menu and found the earliest birth year listed I clicked on 1918. I thought that might dissuade the life insurance sales people from pestering me with calls.
$30Justo: Toes, Tolerance, and Other Things That Start with ‘T’. Approx. 725 words.
During those hours I learned a lot about things that start with T (Tetanus, Tramadol, Tylenol, Toradol, and Tolerance.)  I had more shots that day than a spring breaker and now I was grouchy and hungry.
$30Beeson/Sam’s Side: Traveling the Road Best Untraveled. Approx. 850 words.
I care a great deal when someone I love, or someone who has perhaps not experienced life the same way that I have, is unjustly faulted. I’m old. I’ve learned. And I’ve learned that there are things worth fighting for.
$30Sherman: Building a Winter Fall. Approx. 700 words.
That does bring us to what we won’t debate: the difference between weather and climate. We can all agree that weather is the six inches of partly cloudy in our basements, and climate is when it’s in our attics.
$30Breslin/Alive and Kidding: Trying to Recall ‘Steamy' for My Romance Novel. Approx. 1000 words.
I struggled for weeks to write the perfect romantic scene. Each time I finally managed to complete a few paragraphs, I would read them to my husband and ask him how they made him feel. He usually ended up laughing too hard to respond.